Aluminum wire AD1 is applicable in the production of cables, wires, used in the creation of various electrical products, welding. Wire means that the diameter of the elongated articles substantially less than the length. With its special characteristics AD1 wire is extremely popular in the industry (food industry, aviation, shipbuilding, machine building, instrument-making). This is because chemical stability, plasticity, electrical conductivity, etc. Of GOST 4784-97 follows that AD1 aluminum wire includes: a. Aluminum (base), manganese (less than 0.025%), Silicon (less than 0.3%), zinc (less 0.1%), copper (less than 0.05%), magnesium (less than 0.05%), titanium (less than 0.15%), calcium (less than 0.05%), iron (less than 0.3%). These impurities enhance wire strength, but decrease the ductility, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance. According to GOST 14838-78, product diameter of 1.4 - 10 mm, with aluminum AD1 itself produced work-hardened wire. Also, according to GOST it requires that the surface does not contain mechanical damages (scratches, broaches, dents), if they are permitted for cleaning displays diameter deviation. They are standardized and shear resistance (less than 60 MPa), prescribed acceptance rules, lists the methods of analysis. Comes AD1 aluminum wire in coils, and (rarely) in coils, then unwound the bay. It is necessary the presence of the required standard markings: bay number, batch number, manufacturing precision, wire diameter, alloy name.

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