Aluminum wire is a kind of aluminum metal obtained by drawing. Application of aluminum wire - the production of cables, parts and products in different sectors of light and heavy industry. Aluminum wire has a sectional shape varied, from 0,8-12,8 mm diameter. Production of aluminum wire separator can be categorized as follows: for cold heading, welding, pull the wire electrical round, round and overhead power lines. As the aluminum wire is made of pure aluminum and with the addition of admixtures (up to 7%): manganese, copper, chromium, magnesium and silicon. These impurities are added to impart special properties, for example, with the addition of magnesium is very ductile and resistant to corrosion by the addition of copper and magnesium durable and firm. Aluminum wire may be supplied to the beam or the winding of the coils and coils. Finished with aluminum wire coil placed in polyethylene bags and then sealed cases or boxes. Weight of the aluminum wire in the coils should not exceed 500 kg, and 50 kg in coils and have a diameter of 400-700 mm. Each type of aluminum wire has its own symbol. So the first letter that comes after "aluminum wire" means the manufacturing method: Pull - in, pressed - P. Then, impurities are indicated and the percentage of the aluminum wire. Next, put the state of aluminum wire, the diameter of what is available and guests, by which made this aluminum wire.

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