Ammonium sulfate (NH4)2 SO4 crystalline sulfur containing nitrogen fertilizer 21% N

Ammonium sulfate is one of the most widely used in agriculture nitrogen-sulfur fertilizer contains 21% nitrogen in ammonium form and 24% sulfur. Hygroscopicity its weak, so long term storage does not cake and retains flowability. It provides a significant increase in yield of tea, rye, potato, cotton, rice, oats, sugar beet. With the success of competing with the best nitrogen fertilizers. Ammonium sulfate, ammonium form through nitrogen compatible sulfur prevents the accumulation of nitrate in 3 times, reduces the concentration of radionuclides in plants 2 times. It can be used in contaminated areas.

It is used for all crops (from potatoes to citrus) on the black earth and gray soils. Manure has an asset - a low migration capacity as ammonium cation is actively absorbed by the soil and this prevents it from being washed away. Therefore, ammonium sulfate is recommended to apply on light soils, under irrigation, ie where there is a potential risk of loss of nitrogen fertilizer due to the migration phenomena. Ammonium nitrogen ammonium sulfate is absorbed by plants. Sulfur is necessary for the supply of all cultures as part of some essential amino acids synthesized by plants.

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