Small steel hot-rolled angle bar

GOST 8509-93, GOST 8510-86, GOST 19772-93, GOST 19771-93

Today it is not possible to build any of the design, construction or building without the use of angle bar: hot, equilateral (GOST 8509-93), hot (hot-rolled) unequal (GOST 8510-86), and cold-equilateral (GOST 19771-93), and cold-unequal (GOST 19772-93) rolled. The main application of angle steel in structures as a loadbearing and for ligament reinforcement and stroke. Often angle steel is used for decorative purposes.

Steels for the production of metal brackets:

•   ordinary quality (GOST 380-88) marks: 0 Article, Article 3kp, Art 3br, st5ps,

•   the angle of the high-strength steel (GOST 19281-89) steel 09G2S

The most popular of the angle iron steel metal black ordinary quality. From manufactured of angle bar- equilateral metal corner the hottest producers. Scope angle GOST 8509-93 construction of various scales during repair, replace or at summer residents.

Dimensions of the building angle bar standardized sizes specified flange width and thickness of the shelves in mm. Available Building metal area since the flange width 20mm and 200mm end. With a universal form of steel corner profile allows you to use it in almost all the projects, and the number of designs and products using a steel bracket perhaps the most diverse in comparison with other types of long products.

By rolling precision steel angles are produced of: area of high precision steel and area of steel usual accuracy. Room corner corresponds to the width of the steel shelves, expressed in mm. Along the length of the shelf area of steel distinguished: equal and unequal area. At length equal angles hot shelves around the same cross section. At the angle of unequal length hot shelves and different angle GOST 8510-86 produced a more limited product mix compared with equal angles. Equal and unequal angles made of quality carbon steel GOST 380-94 brands: St0 St3kp, St3sp / ps, low-alloy steel (high strength) GOST 19281-89 brands: 09G2S, 15HSND. Steel angle bar 09G2S (low alloy steel) is recommended for use in the construction and production of certain fixed and variable loads, and in areas with low temperatures. The length of the standard steel brackets: 6 m, 9 m, 10 m, 11.7 m, 12 m. Apart from random length corner from 4 to 12 meters. Mounting brackets are longer than 12 meters are made to order. In the production of dimensional corner allowed, according to GOST, the presence of unmeasured parts of no more than 15% of the total number of islands.

Hot-rolled angle made from hot rolling mills in the blanks. The technology of production of steel angle such that toe sides kept almost without radius outer side. But on the inside radius of the present, which increases the strength of the profile, as a kind of stiffener (optional).

At the angle of a cold-rolled steel at least a limited range of products, as for the production of cold-formed steel angle using a different technology. Produce area of cold steel billets. Using GOST 19771-93 angle usually for decorative purposes, for the manufacture of load-bearing structures not in use. For the production of cold-rolled angle of ordinary steel. Length of cold-rolled angle: 6m, 10m, 12m. To increase the life of the structure is often used additional corrosion protection: hot-dip galvanizing.

Galvanized hot-rolled steel angle

The main purpose of galvanized steel angle securing the external structures, due to increased resistance to corrosion material. Small hot galvanized widely used in the construction industry, and civil. For example, when covering buildings roofing sheets using galvanized roofing area. Angle galvanized by various methods gives it a modern, aesthetic look, it can be used in the decoration of buildings, premises, not only on the outside but on the inside. In the manufacture of metal structures its frequent use is associated with resistance to corrosion. 

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