Balls of aluminum used in the automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronics, military, medical and chemical industries. They are widely applicable in a number of narrow regions. Production is mainly one-way valves and ball bearings. Thus, the use of products like rolling elements and the locking elements severely limited the material strength. Demand aluminum balls while also welding operations and, even as the spherical bullets. Larger balls can be employed as a workpiece for spherical and rounded articles such as furniture handles spherical. Get the balls of aluminum often cast, while actively used recycled. Then treated with abrasive balls and milling. The materials are popular duralumin, alloys AMg and blood pressure, silumin, aluminum bronze and others. Manufactured from aluminum balls on a range of specifications, as well as the customer's request. Color silver products. Valid machining of rolling, but not allowed significant deviations in sphericity and joints, shells, cavities, slag inclusions. Performance may vary. Characterized by balls of aluminum corrosion resistance, wear resistance, lightness, workability. The alloys heat treated to improve mechanical properties, but in some cases appreciated, in contrast, softness. The balls can also be made passivated. Available in small-sized balls are usually in plastic containers 100 - 5000 pcs. The weight depends on the density of the alloy. For example, the diameter of 6 mm weight duralumin ball is about 0.3, the most popular diameters of less than 25 mm.

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