Apitoxin (bee venom). Organic, pure, natural product.

Bee venom (Apitoxin) is produced and accumulates throughout life. The abdomen is where the sting of that bee venom enters to the human body. In danger, the bee turns to sacrifice the abdomen and swiftly strikes. Sting with a drop of poison penetrates deep into the skin the victim and stays there. . Even in ancient times, was practiced by treatment with bees, it has been common in Greece. The use of bee venom is called “Bee venom therapy”.

Composite materials:

Bee venom-is a complex of proteins and amino acids. It has the kind of oily liquid with a pungent odor, no color and bitter taste. Biologically active substances included in the bee venom can be divided into several groups. The first of them - are proteins with enzymatic properties. The other group consists of toxic polypeptides: melittin (the main component (content of about 50%), apamin. Also present histamine-containing peptides, lipids, acids and alkalis. The chemical composition of the venom varies with the age of the bees. Since the largest number of melittin is secreted on the 10th day of life bees and histamine - at 35-40-day, at sunset of its life cycle.

Effect on the human body:

Like all venoms, the bee venom has general and local toxic effects, causing the destruction of red blood cells, reducing blood clotting by blocking impulse transmission in ganglia, stimulating the function of the pituitary and adrenal glands. Bee venom activates the activity of the central and peripheral nervous system, stimulates the heart muscle and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.


Problems with blood clotting

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Various diseases of the nervous system;

Arthritis; Bronchial asthma;

Thyroid disease


On the basis of bee venom produced ointments and gels which have a warming effect, and are widely used in everyday life, as well as used by athletes to prevent sprains and injuries in training

Application methods:

Bee venom is used, by subcutaneous injection, skin rubbing, electrophoresis, and inhalations. The most effective - administering venom with the help of bees stinging. 


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Bee wax. Organic, pure, natural product.

Beeswax is used in various fields. Especially because it is one of very useful products it has a unique chemical composition. You will be able to prevent many diseases in time and improve overall health.

Using of bee wax in medicine:

Nowdays, it is used not only as a folk remedy also for producing a huge quantity of medicines. After all, it is perfectly softens the skin, pain relievers, and others. Many recipes can be found in the literature and we present some of them: When bronchitis is an effective blend of vodka, onions and bee wax. It is recommended to take in food before eating. When sinusitis is recommended to mix bee wax and powdered herbs yarrow. The resulting mixture is applied to the sinus for twenty minutes. If you have a metabolic disorder, it is recommended to mix the following ingredients – bee wax, pine resin and butter. The resulting mixture was applied not on the open areas of the body, and on top of gauze bandage. Gum disease can be removed with a mixture of wax. This requires a lot of chewing for three times a day for ten - twenty minutes. It can be used on corns, if combined with lemon juice. Bee wax is a panacea for use in medicine and in the national economy.

Using of bee wax in cosmetics:

Bee wax is used to create many cosmetic means, because it creates funds structure, and is an indispensable conservant. Especially because on its basis in the home, you can cook a huge number of cosmetic products.







Comb capping. Organic, pure, natural product. 

Comb capping is a bee product that remains after the beekeeper cuts off the upper part of the capped honeycomb filled with honey. These “caps” the bees close the combs, which is already ripe honey. It consists of bee wax, propolis, bee pollen and special enzymes, which include primarily lysozyme. 

Its main feature is the ability to destroy bacteria, and more specifically, their comb walls, by hydrolysis. As he concentrated just below the caps, the honey it almost does not contain, and is completely in the comb capping. The amount of lysozyme comb honey reaches 16mg / l, and less in the purified 2mg / l. 

The usefulness of this enzyme as evidenced by the fact that in woman breast milk, it’s content is 3,000 times higher than in cow. It is also known that bees are closed in such a way only ripe honey, which already contains all the useful properties and, therefore, the presence of comb capping is a kind of indicator of quality. Observations of some beekeepers indicate that before the cap another comb, bees add into it a drop of its venom that affects the honey changes in future. 

What is comb capping so useful? Like honey, it has many healing properties, which are beginning to exert its beneficial effect on your body when chewing the product.  

Main properties:  

Bactericidal effect; 

Activation of immune mechanisms; 

Strengthening the development of immune and normal antibodies, a general increase in the body’s immune system, especially to diseases of the upper respiratory tract; 

Eliminate runny nose (to chew 1 tbsp. of comb capping for adults and 1 tsp. for children for 15 minutes with a frequency of 1 every hour. After 4-7 hours runny retreats, but to secure the effect should be chewed comb capping another week 1 time per day);

Improving the process of metabolism; 

Improvement of blood circulation; 

Propolis and wax present in the composition, strengthen teeth and gums, it is also an effective remedy for diseases of the mouth; 

A beneficial effect in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, improve the functions of the stomach; 

Prevention of diseases such as acute respiratory disease, acute respiratory viral infection, sinusitis and sinusitis; 

Saturation of the body with useful substances and micronutrients, especially vitamin A. The only contraindication to the use of comb capping is idiosyncrasy of bee products. It should be noted that the side effects of this product is not a completely natural and does not cause allergy. Comb capping favorably on the properties of drugs from the fact that even long-term use of pathogens to it do not adapt. 

Eat comb capping should be like this: chew 1 tbsp. approximately 5-15 minutes 4 times a day. We should not be afraid of accidentally swallowed a piece of wax, because even if it enters the stomach and intestines, he not only completely absorbed by the body, but also saturate it with vitamin A.






Royal jelly. Organic, pure, natural product. 

Royal jelly is a bee product that is produced in the maxillary gland of bee breadwinner and intended for feeding uterine larvae. Of course, the royal jelly is considered one of the most important bee products. 

By its nature, royal jelly product promotes cell regeneration. 

During the application of royal jelly kills viruses, bacteria and simultaneously restores cell. A pills and antibiotics not only to treat but also damage the body to its side effects. The composition of royal jelly are: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins of groups B, C, PP, M, E, H, A, more than 20 amino acids (including irreplaceable), micro and macro elements. 

Is the royal jelly helpful? 

Royal jelly has a positive effect on the central nervous system; 

There is a normalization of tissue respiration; 

 It helps increase hemoglobin and red blood cells, and reduces the level of white blood cells; 

 Cholesterol becomes much less and the content of phospholipids is increased It helps to get rid of impotence and positively affects the work of the genitals as a whole; 

 It is recommended to take for metabolic disorders; 

 It stabilizes blood pressure; 

 Results for tuberculosis and even cancer; 

 It is recommended to use in diseases of the urinary and biliary tract; 

 Promotes metabolism recovery; 

 It stimulates the regeneration of liver tissue;

It strengthens the immune system, increases the human lifespan ;

 How do we make harvesting of royal jelly? 

 First of all choose the best bee colonies. 

We use professional equipment Karl Jenter / Germany / and Nicot / France / 

We work on the Prokopovich Scientific Research Institute of Technology. Kiev. Royal jelly gently sucked out with a vacuum pump of the queen in a special closed and sterile room. After that, immediately frozen in a special form because the royal jelly perishable product. Next, put the resulting product into a vacuum bag and put in a freezer. With this careful attitude, royal jelly is guaranteed not to lose their properties for 12 months. 

Dosing of royal jelly 


 - The daily rate of 300 mg. The course of 60 days, two or three times a year.

For therapeutic use: 

 - Fresh-frozen 300-350 mg / this is kind of like a pea / three times a day for 60 minutes before a meal under the tongue. Hold for at least 20-30 minutes without swallowing, then swallow. Application сourse - 30 days 

 - Canned honey 1/4 teaspoon three times a day before meals under the tongue. Resorbable and keep in the company without swallowing at least 20-30 minutes and then swallow. Course application -30 days. 


 - Frozen in a freezer at -20 ° C, the shelf life of 14 months. 

 - Canned honey can be stored in the refrigerator and at room temperature. 

 It should also be borne in mind that royal jelly should be protected from direct sunlight.





Drone jelly (homogenate). Organic, pure, natural product. 

Drone jelly (homogenate) not much different from royal jelly. Besides what is said about royal jelly, drone jelly has a large number of steroids, the male sex hormones -That’s why it is recommended primarily for men. Harvest homogenate in May and June, when the bees swarm and grown drones. For this purpose, a special frame for the simultaneous seeding uterus, that would have been the same age brood. After homogenization jelly was immediately frozen and stored in a freezer in vacuum packages. It sold as frozen and canned honey. Differences in biological activity, not even canned honey better when using the fact that not oxidized by air oxygen, is not subjected to temperature fluctuations in the use, you can take on the road and on the job. 

The composition of the proteins found homogenate - 10-20%, carbohydrate - up to 5% fat - 5.6%, amino acids - 11%. The homogenate is rich in trace elements - potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, etc. The homogenates have vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5. 

Drone jelly (homogenate) is very effective for: 

- The treatment of male and female infertility 

- Treat impotence in men 

- Restores the function of the ovaries in women  

- Provides increased blood circulation in the uterus 

- Increases the number of live sperm cells, rejuvenates the body  

- Drone jelly has so much protein as meat or mushrooms 

- Vitamin «D» more than in fish oil 

- Irreplaceable tool in the diet of athletes 

- Lubricate the skin in cosmetics for moisturizing, nutrition and recovery


- Use fresh-frozen 300 mg under the tongue before sucking 3 times a day for 60 minutes before meals. Course - 30 days. Canned honey consumed one-third teaspoon three times a day under the tongue as well. 

 - Top to use in combination with bee pollen. 





Bee moth tincture. Organic, pure, natural product. 

Bee moth tincture - the active anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial medication. The tincture contains biological substances produced by bees, essential macro and microelements; components stimulate the growth and regeneration of cells. It is made by extracting the bee moth larvae in a water-alcohol solution. 

How is useful tincture of bee moth? 

Protects the respiratory system, tuberculosis kills wand helps with tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma 

It strengthens the cardiovascular system. Taking tincture of bee moth in people who underwent myocardial infarction, a decrease in heart failure and stroke. 

This drug is used in pediatrics for the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases and tubercular. As a result of treatment in children reduces the temperature to stabilize blood, disappear coughing and strengthens the immune system.

Tincture of bee moth larvae has been successfully used in gynecology and obstetrics, infertility, miscarriage and menopausal disorders. It strengthens the nervous system, helps a person to get out of the state of stress. It increases stamina, so it is recommended to use professional athletes. It helps in the prevention and treatment of fungal and bacterial diseases. 





Bee pollen. Organic, pure, natural product. 

Bee (flower) pollen is a natural and high quality, and most importantly - nutritious product! This tool is simply unique, as it is used for various purposes. Buying bee pollen in our online store, you will not only get a high quality product, but also greatly save. It contains proteins, mineral salts, and a variety of vitamins! As a result, the pollen is used to eliminate a large number of ailments. 

Bee pollen various plants differ in shape, color, size. Contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, iodine, etc. Pollen contains significant amounts of vitamins -. B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, C, D, E, P, K . Pollen - a 137 valuable product and is used for treatment of various diseases, as well as in clinical nutrition. 

When bee pollen is taken? 

Due to the fact that the composition of bee pollen contains growth stimulants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antibiotics, it is a means for preventing various ailments. 

For example, in anemia bee pollen increases not only hemoglobin but also erythrocytes. This requires it to use three times a day. However, it is recommended to mix in equal proportions with honey. Unfortunately, those products that we eat do not contain the necessary for the body of vitamins. That is why, pollen taken as food. Its use in food to increase appetite, diets, as well as diseases of the intestinal tract. In addition, it actively fights prostatitis, and improves overall health. 

The use of bee pollen 

When hypertension is recommended to take three times a day, one teaspoon for 2-3 weeks. In anemia for children is better to prepare the remedy: 100 grams of honey, 200 grams of fresh milk and 20 grams of bee pollen, all stir to mix. This mixture is eaten three times a day before meals. In gastritis or stomach disorders is useful to take in food mixture of pollen. For its preparation Mix 500 g of honey, 20 grams of pollen and 75 grams of squeezed juice of aloe. Take two or three times a day for half an hour before eating. 

How to take bee pollen? 

To pollen had a beneficial effect on the body, you need it right to eat. Thus, it is desirable to thoroughly chew, and only then swallow. To facilitate the reception, you can grind on a coffee grinder, or pour it into a glass and pour a little water. It should be borne in mind that the pollen is digested only by 40% due to its hard shell. 

Take pollen recommended half an hour before eating. In addition, pollen in the amount of one coffee spoon is recommended to be eaten by children from six months.






Propolis. Organic, pure, natural product. 

Do you know what is Propolis? Have you ever seen it? Perhaps you met such a product in the specialized eco-stores, pharmacies, or at fairs bee products? Experience shows that almost all the roughly represent what a substance is, buy some but that’s how it is correct to take, what to do with him, from which eliminates the problems and what should it be? - That is the question that certainly not just once or twice attended all who heard about the “miraculous” properties of propolis. 

So, let’s talk about why in relation to the substance definition of “miracle” can be fully used without quotation marks. 

Firstly, it is a powerful antibiotic natural origin. Here we have and antimikoznoe, and antibacterial and antimicrobial and even antiviral activity. With that propolis helps to fight even with pathogens of tuberculosis, syphilis, diphtheria, etc., and also helps to cope with cancer of various types. 

Second, in contrast to chemical agents, such agent will not harm your health. You are currently only imagine - you doctor appointed medicine that is issued and people with serious sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer patients, and the ladies with gynecological problems. It is unlikely that you will want to take it - they say, there is a deadly chemical that must be! 

So, Propolis surprisingly our immunity and flora does not inhibit, but, on the contrary, it contributes to their recovery. That is, you can safely assert that it really means “all ills”. Amazing healing properties of propolis have installed and tested the well-known doctors-scientists: 

Propolis helps to keep children their tonic properties - promotes a healthy and proper bone growth, strengthens the immune system and even helps to heal wounds, scratches. And this, remembering forever broken children’s knees, oh, how important. 

For young people, it helps to keep (and resume) proper metabolism, a positive effect on 139 gonadal function, and because of its antioxidant properties, propolis can be considered as a natural means of beauty and youth. By the way, the girls, who are watching their figures, will be interested to know that only one or two granules of propolis per day will allow normalizing the digestive tract. 

People older doctors are advised to enter into your diet propolis as an additive. After all, it helps to cope with the problem of blood clotting, - with him you are not afraid of any blood clots or hypertension. In addition, propolis is generally good for the body’s ability to fight aging through all the same antioxidants. 

In short, in the end, we have a non-toxic drug of natural origin, which does not cause side effects (except when on honey and apiarian products you are allergic) and is suitable for everyone! 

So, if the next time you see green, brown, yellowish, reddish or grayish lumps with a characteristic aroma of kidneys of trees and tart taste - do not skimp on your same health! Propolis can be, as already said, on one ball ingest daily (gut cleansing) it is possible to make infusions (diluted in milk or warm water in proportions of 1 tsp tincture 50 ml of water), as well as ointments, pastes, and much more. Traditional medicine is rich in recipes with propolis, and, as you now know, is not in vain!











Apis Mellifera (dead bees)/ Dead bees tincture. Organic, pure, natural product. 

Apis Mellifera (dead bees) - a natural raw material, which is composed of protein, chitin, melanins, heparin, waxes, vitamins and other substances. Absolutely dry mass Apis Mellifera (dead bees) powder with wax crumbs contains 54% protein, 26% fat, 15% nitrogen-free extractives, 4.5% ash. Apis Mellifera (dead bees) wide range of properties due to the presence of biologically active components therein. The bodies of bees (Apis Mellifera) include almost all the components of honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, wax (amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes). Bee venom bees resistant body and all of its properties are preserved, and dead bees use does not lead to severe side effects which may be when bee stinging. One of the most important components is the chitin cover dead bees cell, which contains heparin and chitosan. Heparin is able to suppress inflammation, stabilize blood pressure, a positive effect on the condition of the vessels. Chitosan carries a restorative and tonic effect, normalizes the function of many systems of the body, and activates the healing of runs and burn surfaces without scarring. 







Ambrosia (Bee bread). Organic, pure, natural product. 

Ambrosia (bee bread) - is pollen that bees collect from flowers of plants, then folded and rammed into the cells of the comb and fill it with honey. Ambrosia in cells obtained by fermentation of bee pollen. At its core, bee pollen - this is food for the entire family of bee-bee bread. 

In view of bee pollen is a hexagonal column, which maintains the shape of cells, its pleasant smell and taste slightly bitter and sweet and sour at the same time.  

Ambrosia (bee bread) has healing properties and contains high amounts of vitamins, enzymes and amino acids necessary for human life.  

How useful bee bread is? 

It helps from sciatica 

It helps to get rid of the allergy

It slows down tumor growth 

Increases hemoglobin in the blood 

It improves digestion 

It strengthens the vascular system of the human heart  

It normalizes the intestinal microflora, even in severe dysbiosis 

Good anabolic agent, used by athletes to increase body weight 

We breed bees since 2006; we have a lot of experience and know about beekeeping products, and bee bread, in particular, a great deal. Moreover, we have developed a unique patented method of pollen extract of the cells and its conservation without sacrificing quality. And with the full knowledge of the matter say that to acquire this valuable product is best “from a friend of the beekeeper,” because you cannot buy quality ambrosia. 

Buy ambrosia (bee bread) today is not a problem. But how is to be sure of the quality of this product? 

If you want to buy bee ambrosia in Ukraine is really high quality, buy it from us. We say this without false modesty, and here’s why: 

We have extensive experience in its production. In Ukraine, we have pioneered the production of purified bee pollen, and we have even more innovations in this field. Perge, which you get from us is guaranteed retains all its beneficial properties. These words were confirmed by the quality certificate issued by the Institute of beekeeping; 

Bees on our apiaries receive no sugar feeding; so all products are completely natural, including pollen and bee. Price pollen will delight you as much as its quality;  

The bees are in the hives Super Roger Delon of linden board. We do not treat them with antibiotics and other chemicals. Moreover, all apiaries are located in the northern part of the Odessa region - the most favorable location in terms of ecology. You can see the “environmental map of Ukraine.” So you get in the mail real “bee bread” ambrosia of exceptional quality, without any trace of chemicals; 

In Ukraine, we have long been the largest producer of purified bee pollen. Price of pollen on which you are buying it corresponds to the high quality of this product, as well as a lot cheaper than our competitors. You get it with no extra charge, without overpayment intermediaries, directly from the apiary. All products provided quality certificates. A home warranty is our good name; 

How much does the ambrosia (bee bread) cost?  

Price of bee bread is higher than pollen or honey, and other useful properties. Try this rare product with extraordinary good taste and include it in your daily diet.


It is recommended to take one teaspoon of bee bread 1-2 times a day. It is necessary to dissolve in the mouth without water, half an hour before meals. In the course / 30 days / required from 0.5 kg to 1 kg of bee bread. Then, 30 days off. 


Take 30 grams to 60 grams per day depending on the severity of the disease. On one course / 30 days / required from 1 kg to 2 kg will be accepted until cure.