Beef meat

Cows carcass halves & quarters. State Standard 779-2007

Beef meat is divided into:
Chilled - subjected after butchering chilling to a temperature in the thick muscles in bone from 0 to + 4C C; de-moisturized surface of the meat; elastic muscles;
Frozen - subjected to freezing temperatures in the thicker muscles near the bones are not higher than minus 8C C;
Subfrozen - exposed to subfreezing temperatures and having a femur to a depth of 1 cm minus 3 C minus 5C C and a thicker thigh 0 - plus 2C C. During storage the temperature of the entire volume to be a side minus 2 - minus 3C C.

By fatness beef meat is divided into:
Beef meat 1 (first) grade;
Beef meet 2 (second) grade.
The Beef meat is produced in the implementation of a longitudinal half-carcasses or quarters, without cutting (internal iliac lumbar muscles).

Marking, transportation and storage.
Marking of meat is produced in accordance with the rules of marking of meat, duly approved.

Categories of meat fatness represent:
Beef first grade - round stamp diameter 40 mm;
Beef second grade - square stamp by party size 40 mm;
Lean beaf - triangular stamp by parties size 455050 mm.

For beef from young animals I and II grades on the right of the mark of fatness should be the letter M 20 mm in height.
For beef bulls from I and II grades to the right of the mark of fatness must be a letter B 20 mm in height.
Quarters and meat mark in the chuck and the rear quarters of the femur on one stamp, the relevant grades of meat, and the right of themark put a stamp imprint letters PP height of 20 mm.

Frozen meat should be refrigerated at a temperature no higher than minus 8C C and relative humidity of 90-100%, with stacking on wooden lattices.

Veal meat. State Standard 16867-2013

By fatness veal meat is divided into first (milk) and second grades.
Veal-meat producing in carcasses or half carcasses as longitudinal, leaving the carcass cutting.
In veal-meat for local sale or industrial processing in the field of manufacture and storage company issue a certificate of quality or puts a stamp on the bill of lading.

Marking, transportation and storage

Marking of veal meat is produced in accordance with the rules of marking of meat, duly approved. Fatness grade of veal-meat denotes: first - round stamp of diameter 40 mm, the second - a square stamp with the face size of 40 mm, lean veal - a triangular stamp (the size of the parties 45x50x50 mm).
Stamp put on each scapular of the carcass. Furthermore, each mark put forward shank with the letter "T" 20 mm height.

When the shipment of veal-meat carcass or half-carcasses, each packaged in plastic wrap or bags of it. Each packing unit must be applied one or two carcass half-carcasses.
Transportation of meat is carried out all kinds of transport in accordance with the rules of transportation of perishable goods, operating in this type of transport.

More information and product specifications can be found in the Agriculture Catalogue.

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