Sugar beet pulp

Sugar beet is a root plant, cultivated mainly for obtaining sugar. Sugar beet is also the most important industrial crop, giving the raw material for sugar industry, from its production beet pulp and molasses occur. Beet pulp - chaff extracted sugar beet sideproduct of sugar production; is used as livestock feed.

Beet molasses (treacle) - one of the most valuable waste beet-sugar production, which is a thick, opaque liquid from brown to dark brown in color, with a smell peculiar to sugar beet molasses, with a sweet-bitter taste. Molasses - carbohydrate feed. It is used in feeding farm animals. Comprises 20-25% of water, approximately 9% of the nitrogen compounds, preferably amides, carbohydrates - 58-60%, mainly sugar and 10.7% of ash.

Vinasse - the residue after distillation of alcohol from the mash, waste production of ethyl alcohol. Distillers dried grain with solubles (DDGS) is used in feeding of all kinds of animals, birds and fish, has many micro supplements does not contain harmful substances, impurities. Regarding to protein content, amino acids, macro and micronutrients, which play an important role in metabolism and growth of animals, distillers dried grain with solubles ahead of most feed products. The product makes possible to reduce the cost of feed and achieve savings for fattening.

More information and product specifications can be found in the Agriculture Catalogue.

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Molasses beet

Molasses beet

Molasses beet

Molasses beet

Sugar beet pulp granulated

Sugar beet pulp granulated D 3-4 mm

Sugar beet pulp granulated D 5-6 mm

Sugar beet pulp granulated D 4-8 mm

Sugar beet pulp granulated D 6-8 mm

Sugar beet pulp granulated D 6-10 mm

Sugar beet pulp granulated D 8-12 mm