In everyday life, we are often faced with bronze BrB2. Because this material is carried out a lot of details that are responsible value, including the elements of precision instruments, working for wear parts, a variety of bearings. Very widely used in electrical beryllium alloys, such as spring contacts, switches or connectors in telecommunication equipment.
By itself, beryllium bronze BrB2 refers to the precipitation of hardening alloys, the most commonly used of which are bronze BrB2 (high), DHS (copper-nickel-beryllium) and ICD (copper-cobalt-beryllium). The latter two are also commonly referred to low alloy beryllium bronze.
According to GOST 18175-78, BrB2 beryllium bronze is an alloy consisting of up to 98% copper and up to 2% of beryllium. The alloy is characterized by high hardness and high tensile elasticity, resistance to wear and corrosion resistance (resistance in humid and warm climate allows the use BrB2 in tropical conditions).
Rating beryllium bronze BrB2 explained, inter alia, the fact that this material is processed and roller spot welding, arc welding is complicated due to the wide temperature range of crystallization.
We offer several kinds of products from BrB2 bronze - a ribbon (GOST 1789), the sleeve (GOST 18175), rods (GOST 1628), pigs.
Currently, beryllium bronze BrB2 considered one of the best materials for sliding bearings, used in marine or brackish water with abrasive slurries and corrosive substances, beryllium bronze BrB2 can be used to make almost any part of the high-precision and reliable equipment.

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