Bronze rod BrOF10-1 long steel solid round section of the wrought copper alloy. Marking Brophy 10 - 1 is phosphorous-tin bronze, which contains about 10% tin and about 1% phosphorus. Besides the main alloying elements in the Brophy 10 - 1 also includes a small amount of impurities.
Made of bronze rods BrOF10-1 various diameters (from 5.0 mm to 110 mm) by continuous casting followed by drawing in rolling mills or pressing. continuous casting method provides a bar BrOF10-1 virtually no defects. Continuous casting surpass casting in the form of their properties. The cold-rolled or drawn bars are made semi-solid, soft, hard or extra hard.
After rolling rod BrOF10-1 may have shallow dents, traces of a spiral (helical) line. As a result, etching or heat treatment can occur on the surface of the rods dark or light spots. According to GOST 10025 "rods tin-phosphor bronze" bronze bars BrOF10-1 must not have foreign inclusions, voids, bundles, cracks and large burrs. Followed up to 15 mm in diameter inclusive unwound in coils and bars BrOF10-1 diameter up to 35 mm are knitted into bundles weighing up to 80 kg each.
Bronze rod of the brand has a number of advantages, it has a high strength, low friction, high resistance to oxidation, vapor resistance, good resistance to corrosion and abrasion, high thermal and electrical conductivity, good resistance to wear, resistance to air and solutions of organic acids, ductility. Bronze BrOF10-1 lends itself well to soldering, welding, cutting and handling pressure.
Products made from bars BrOF10-1 brand, provide long-term operation of various mechanisms and technical units. Bars bronze BrOF10-1 widely used in modern engineering in the manufacture of highly loaded parts of screw drives, spindle, and push nuts, valves, plugs of various configurations, wreaths worm gears. It is also used in shipbuilding BrOF10-1 bars, rocketry, aviation, automotive, construction, etc. Industries.

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