Due to its high technical characteristics bronze BrAMts 9-2 is widely used in industrial production. In its structure, the alloy belongs to the group of bronze containing no tin. Here, the main alloying element is aluminum. To improve the strength of the alloy used a complex heat treatment. After quenching, artificial aging treatment is performed. Alloy is held for three to four hours. As a result of such processing bronze becomes necessary for further use characteristics.
In the composition of the copper-based alloy further contains 9% aluminum and 2% magnesium. Plus bronze BrAMts 9-2 includes a small amount of other impurities. The material has a high strength and low coefficient of friction. Many sites use machines bearings, which are manufactured on the basis of this brand bronze. The alloy is widely used in the manufacture of components and parts in internal combustion engines and hydraulic drives.
The large volumes of bronze BrAMts 9-2 is used for the production of electrical products. Among other characteristics of the alloy should be noted that 9-2 bronze BrAMts pressure can be easily processed. Due to its high adaptability, the alloy used for the manufacture of various types. Metalworking machines, casting machines, rolling mills many industries, "incarcerated" on the use of this mark bronze. Products made of an alloy used in the aviation industry, utilities and other fields of human activity.

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