Bronze BrAZhMts 10-3-1,5 classified as bronze Tinless, handled the pressure. Digital copper alloy marking denotes the percentage of the major alloying elements - aluminum, iron and manganese. The composition of the chemical elements of the brand can be found in GOST 18175. Sampling for examination of the chemical composition shall be in accordance with GOST 24231.
As seen from the marks of the alloy include Cu (82.3 - 88%), Al (9 - 11%), Fe (2 - 4%), Mn (1 - 2%). In addition to these metals composed allowable impurities:
1. Si (0.1%),
2. P (0.01%),
3. PB (0.03%),
4. Zn (0.5%),
5. SN (0.1%).
The percentage of impurity in the brand does not exceed 0.7 percent.
Bronze BrAZhMts 10-3-1,5 has the following foundry and processing properties:

  • treated at 750-850 deg.;
  • It melts at 1045 .;
  • annealed at 650-750 .
    Because the physical properties of the alloy should be noted that it is quite resistant to deformation in the cold state. And changes its form in a hot state without problems. In the temperature interval of 750 degrees Celsius is quite durable, resistant to corrosion, erosion, cavitation.
    The above properties of the brand cause the area of its application. Most often it is made of equipment items to work with the chemical. reagents, parts of cryogenic equipment, tubular capacitors board. Also from this material are manufactured welding electrodes for the aluminum-iron bronze.
    In the form of this product bronze brand can be found in the following forms:
  • Pipes. They are produced by compression or molding. The most common shape is round, but can be more complex cross-sectional shape.
  • Rods. They have a circular cross-sectional shape. Most often, produced by pressure treatment. Casting is used for the manufacture of large-diameter bars.
  • Ingots. Available in a variety of geometric shapes and masses, depending on customer requirements.

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