Bronze - Alloy, which is based on copper. By alloying elements shared the bronze into several types:
- Silicon;
- Tin;
- Aluminum;
- Beryllium;
- Phosphorous.
Bronze hire diverse, both in brand and manufactured by the form. One of the commonly used materials - bronze circle BrAZhMts10-3-1,5 includes:
- Aluminum - 10%;
- Iron - 3%;
- Manganese - 1.5%.
The production of the alloy produced by the method: pressing, cold forming and continuous casting. Bronze has excellent heat resistance, erosion and cavitation resistant.
Selection of the proper diameter bronze circle depends on its further use: the instrument parts in the chemical industry, pipelines, heating systems, jewelery, interior decor.
Bronze Circle BrAZhMts10-3-1,5 not only has good resistance to static load and fatigue, but also resistant to harmful acidic environment. For this reason, the alloy does not replace components in creating cryogenic engineering and chemical plants. The alloy has the following characteristics:
- Hardness - HB 10 -1 = 125 -140 MPa;
- Melting at 1045 degrees .;
- The coefficient of friction: dry running - 0.21, with the use of lubrication - 0.012.
The range is very wide rolled bronze pipes, plates, wires, strips and others.

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