Bronze - a conglomerate of several chemical elements. Compound components such as copper, silicon, beryllium, aluminum, tin, many times improve the qualitative characteristics of the starting metals. From the resulting bronze alloy produced a very large range of various materials. Thus, for example, a bronze tube BrAZhMts 10-31,5
It is well known that the bronze alloys are highly resistant to corrosion. They possess strength and ductility. This characteristic of the material provides high durability pipes. According to the requirements of GOST 1208 bronze BrAZhMts 10-31,5 pipe must meet the following criteria:
- Outer diameter of 42 - 280mm;
- Pipe wall thickness 5 - 60mm.
More pipe BrAZhMts 10-31,5 bronze is used as material for the production of rings, the other parts. Produced bronze pipe in two ways. This is a hot and cold deformation. The inner and outer surface of the pipe must be straight and smooth. It must be free from voids, captivity, cracks, delaminations and bubbles.
Good antifriction properties proven bronze, its corrosion resistance and durability allow the use of systems BrAZhMts 10-31,5 coolant supply, transportation fuels and chemicals for the manufacture of separators.
The industry used different types of bronze pipes: Pipe bronze extruded according to GOST 1208 Barometric round and shaped.
Application of such pipes is very extensive.

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