Bronze pipe - prefabricated hollow cross-section with a constant wall thickness of the segments or in coils, produced by cold, hot rolling technology for the creation of pipelines, transportation of various fluids, a bronze tube is also used as a product for subsequent machining. Different ductility, strength. This product characteristic durability, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity. Its quality depends on the grade bronze alloy. Bronze pipe is easy to process; welded, soldered, drilled, cut, because demand in most areas of modern industry.
According to the method of production, Alloy brand, a bronze pipe is classified into types: horizontal molding and extrusion. Bronze pipe grades BrAZhMts 10-3-1,5, 04.04.10 mash is made in accordance with the requirements of the chemical composition of GOST 18175.
Bronze pipe is somewhat better as compared with copper, mechanical properties. Not deformed in the cold state, is resistant to high temperatures and to corrosion in aggressive chemical environments. Bronze pipe is increasingly used for the manufacture of bushings, bearings, tube sheets, which are important components in the aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical industry.

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