BrB2 Bronze - is an alloy composed of copper as the base material, to which is added with beryllium alloy smelting. Bronze plate BrB2 - a semi-finished product, which is made more likely by the rental of beryllium bronze (no tin), the chemical composition of bronze - CuBe2Ni (Co). The production of these slabs GOST 18175. Plates produced rectangular shape and thickness of 25 mm or more. Such plates have good ductility and elasticity perfectly amenable to machining. Due to its composition bronze plates BrB2 resistant to corrosion, cannot be influenced by the sea water. Bronze BrB2 has low electrical conductivity, electrical resistance to gentrification of 0.1 mO * m, and after - 0.07 mO * m.
Bronze plate BrB2 have high strength and wear resistance, have high springy properties. They are used in the manufacture of resilient components that have an appointment with increased responsibility and parts with high wear resistance. In the automotive industry, these plates are used for the manufacture of rails, wedges, gears and so on. In the shipbuilding industry are producing screws, rudders, shafts.
Plates are provided with appropriate labeling. Present in labeling the letter D - means that the plate is made by hot molding, PR - that the slab has a rectangular cross section. They ate no precise manufacturing data, the plate is marked with the letters X.
Also bronze plates BrB2 used widely for the production of extruded and molded parts, because they are well cut and amenable to forging. Depending on their thickness, these slabs are cut and not cut. If bronze plate having a thickness of less than 40 mm, and its length is greater than 500mm 2, the supply plate in such a truncated form of a tolerance width and a length of 40 mm. Plates that have a thickness greater than 40 mm, not supplied edging, but leave allowance of up to 150 mm in length and 75 mm in width.

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