For the production of metallic decorative paints and varnishes oil-based "metal effect" used bronze powder bronze BOD. The dimension of the powder particles to 20 micrometers. Powder bronze BOD has the following characteristics:
- Content of copper (Cu) - 84-85%;
- The iron content (Fe) - 0,2-0,3%;
- Fat content - 0.2-0,3%;
- Sieve residue - 2-6% R01;
- SWR - 1150-1700 g / cm2.
Depending on the copper content% pigment changed color from golden to red. Physically, this is a fine powder containing bronze, brass and copper.
To avoid losing the presentation of decorative coatings for normal operation, apply additional varnish.
Bronze powder is packed in drums BOD capacity of 60 kg.
should strictly comply with all necessary safety regulations when handling bronze powder:
1. Work is performed in a protective mask to avoid product entering the lungs breathing.
2. Do not allow to bronze powder BOD flew from the air flow.
3. Use protective equipment for the skin, as the metal powders are allergens, and can trigger swelling and cramps.

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