Bronze ribbon BrB2 - long steel solid rectangular cross section, which is produced by cold rolling. Beryllium strip is made strictly according to GOST 1789 "Ribbons and strip of beryllium bronze."
Beryllium tape thickness produced 0.9 -. 6.0 mm to 300.0 mm and a length of 5.0 m Moreover BrB2 bronze ribbon 0.1 mm wide made from 10 mm to 160 mm thick to 0, 6 mm - 300 mm wide. Tape length in one roll should be more than 6.0 m.
- Accuracy of manufacturing bronze ribbon BrB2 is: "P" - high, "I" - normal;
- In a manner of manufacture "D" - cold;
- On the section of the form: "OL" - rectangular;
- As "M" - soft;
- The length of "MD" - dimensional, "KM" - brief dimensional, "ND" - off-gage.
The chemical composition of tape mark BrB2 must meet the requirements specified in the standard GOST 18175. BrB2 - beryllium bronze, which contains about 2.1% beryllium, nickel, about 0.5% and less than 0.5% of impurities.
Tapes must be twisted into coils. The folded roll internal diameter of 150 mm or more. Rolls strapped tightly with string according to GOST 16266, GOST 3282. Weight wire coiled coil should not exceed 80 kg.
Bronze Ribbon BrB2 resistant to corrosion, has good strength properties, high elasticity performance and has excellent electrical conductivity. Metal free to machine: milling, drilling, punching, cutting and welding. Good quality characteristics of the tape made of bronze make it a popular and necessary in many industrial sectors.
Widely used bronze ribbon BrB2 in modern energy and instrumentation for the manufacture of various parts and products, conductive springs. Use a bronze ribbon in solving many technical problems in industrial engineering, shipbuilding, automotive industry, aircraft industry.

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