Because of the good mechanical strength and high corrosion resistance of the system copper-aluminum-iron are widely used in industry. Bars bronze BrAZh10-3 is one example.
As is known, bronze rods, aluminum-iron bronze (Braze - the share of aluminum and iron 9-10% 3-4%) can be produced in any way continuous casting or pressing. Cast bronze BrAZh10-3 rod has a tensile strength of 40 kgf / mm.kv., And at the same extruded rod, the figure is not less than 60 kgf / mm.kv. If cast bronze bars BrAZh10-3 has a Brinell hardness of about 125, then extruded rod hardness up to 180 Brinell units. Elongation cast bronze rods and extruded have the same - about 15%.
Thus, the hardness and strength at nepreryvnolityh rods Braze slightly lower than that of the pressed and ductility and anti-friction properties are substantially similar. But the cost of cast bars are somewhat lower.
Rod BrAZh10-3 bronze in the cross section can be round, square, hexagon. Rods of continuous round bronze Braze can have a crack to a depth of 1 mm, encircling the surface.
Excellent mechanical characteristics bars bronze BrAZh10-3 make it easy to handle them on lathes, drilling, milling. Turning and milling bar provides a perfectly flat, smooth surface. Bars bronze BrAZh10-3 a billet for manufacturing elements of threaded connections and fittings for various purposes, shafts and spindles, valves and machine parts for water and gas systems. High corrosion resistance bronze Braze allows bars bronze BrAZh10-3 in shipbuilding.

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