Bronze rods according to GOST 1628 - semi-finished product is a solid cross-section along the entire length, in coils or as a straight length.
Bronze rods are manufactured from various grades of bronze, thus have certain differences in chemical composition and characteristics.
BrOTsS 555 - the cheapest on the market popular types of bronzes. Rods are manufactured in accordance with GOST 24301, its chemical composition corresponds to GOST 613. Hardness (now and then - Brinell) - 70kgs / mm2 (700 MPa). Used for the manufacture various anti-friction components, bushings for bearings, valves.
Braze 9-4 ideal ratio life and financial cost. Resistant to abrasion. bars Production takes place in accordance with GOST 1628, the chemical composition according to GOST 18175. Hardness - 100kgs per mm2 (980MPa). Applying the same as that of the rods of BrOTsS 555.
Brophy 10-1 has high anti-friction and strength properties. From Brophy 10-1 brass rods manufactured in accordance with GOST 10025, the chemical composition of GOST 613. Hardness - from 80 to 90 kg per mm2. Dimensionality in agreement. It is used for crowns worm gears, spindle, and push nuts, reinforcement of friction units, parts of screw actuators with high load.
BrAMts impressive 9-2 different mechanical and anti-friction properties. GOST for bars of BrAMts 9-2 for the manufacture of - 1628-78, the chemical composition - 18175-78. Hardness: Pressed to - 95 kgf / mm2 for drawn - not less than 115 kgf / mm2. Such bronze rods are used for the manufacture of anti-friction parts, and valve components, operation of which will be held in a pair at t up to 2500 degrees, fuel oil and fresh water.
BrAZhMts 10-3-1.5 has a high resistance to corrosion at high pressure and t. Bronze rods are manufactured in accordance with GOST 1628. The chemical composition regulated by GOST 5017. Hardness of 130 to 200 kg per mm2. It is used for the manufacture of valves and various anti-friction parts.
Brophy 7-0.2 indispensable for the work in friction under conditions of very high loads. Standard production of bronze rods bronze of this brand - 10025, GOST chemical composition - 5017. The hardness of the bar - 75-85 kg per mm2.

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