Bronze alloys are materials for a wide range of products, and is a type of sheet bronze BrH0,8Sh. Any Bronze sheet is inherent not only good mechanical strength and high tensile strength. Low alloy chrome sheet bronze BrH0,8Sh has almost the same low electrical resistivity, as well as pure copper. If it is equal to that of copper mO * 0.02 m, then the chromium bronze index ranges 0.02-0.04 mO * m. For comparison, the tin and aluminum bronzes resistivity five times higher than that of chromium bronze. The thermal conductivity of sheet bronze BrH0,8Sh is also close to the thermal conductivity of copper. If it is equal to that of copper 0.9 cal / cm * c * C , then chromium bronze, this value is in the range of 0,6-0,8 cal / cm * c * C . Tin and aluminum bronzes have a thermal conductivity is several times lower than chrome. The high thermal conductivity of chromium bronze promotes intensive removal of heat from friction units, especially the live (movable electrical contacts). It should be noted that the electrical resistivity and the thermal conductivity depends on the bronze material and is influenced by refining technology (resistivity - to decrease, and the thermal conductivity - upward).
High electrical and thermal conductivity in combination with corrosion and wear resistance cause that BrH0,8Sh bronze sheet is widely used in electrical engineering and industry. In the manufacture of rotating electric machines sheet bronze BrH0,8Sh serves as the material for the manufacture of plates of DC machines collectors, slip ring rotor synchronous machines and asynchronous machines with wound armature. The electrical industry is a sheet bronze BrH0,8Sh workpiece for the manufacture of strip conductors, various electric connectors, elements of transformers. This product is also in demand in the machine tool, automotive, aviation, shipbuilding and instrumentation.

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