Today, one of the most popular types of non-ferrous sheet metal is a bronze sheet BrH1. Sheets made of bronze BrH1 brands are widely used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and aircraft construction, electrical engineering, instrument making.
bronze Rolled easily machined - cutting, milling, drilling, rolling, forging. Due to its chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties, a bronze leaf BrH1 widely used for the manufacture of electrical parts of welding machinery, welding electrodes themselves.
The chemical composition of bronze sheet is in accordance with GOST 18175 and must comply with the brand BrH1. According to the standard BrH1 bronze consists of chromium and 0.4-1.2% Cu 98,5-99,6%, impurities not exceeding 0.3%.
BrH1 sheet has the following characteristics:
- Modulus of longitudinal elasticity of bronze - 1.12 * 10-5 MPa;
- Coefficient of linear thermal expansion of the bronze - 17 * 106 1 / Grad;
- Bronze density - 8900 kg / m3.
Bronze BrH1 has several advantages:
- It has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity;
- It has good heat resistance;
- Resistant to many types of corrosion;
- It has a high strength and wear resistance.
BrH1 sheet is manufactured by hot rolling a thickness of 10 mm to 25 mm, length 600 mm and width up to 2000 mm. The surface sheet should have a clean, smooth surface. Allowed small scratches, the risks small burrs and other minor defects on the surface, does not go beyond tolerances.

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