The bronze alloy is used in the production of a large number of technological raw materials, for example for the manufacture of bronze sheets, thanks to a sufficiently strong structure, which is also characterized by flexibility and mechanical strength, so necessary for the automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, engineering, architecture, construction.
This material has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, over resistance corrosion even in corrosive conditions of the sea water, resistance to weather changes, in addition bronze sheet is used as a decorative building material finishes. It has demand electrocommunications, as elements of electric motors, transformers, generators, strip conductors, various connectors, connectors, used in the telecommunications industry. Sheets bronze used in the production of various transport, in the aerospace industry, particularly in the production of propeller blades, engine parts, leading shafts nonmagnetic apparatus, fittings, rudders, guides antennas generators.
With the use of different bronzes, using different brands (BrKMts, BrH et al.), Produced bronze sheets. Depending on the type of bronze, they are: silicon, tin, aluminum, beryllium, amenable to cutting, drilling, milling, rolling, forging. By hardness distinguish soft, semisolid, solid, very solid sheets.
Stamps BrKMts, BrH are widely used in the production of bronze sheets. BrH1, BrH0,8T according to the norm TU 48-21-779-85 thickness of 10 to 150 mm, length and width of 600 - 3000 mm, most state g / k. bronze sheets also produced using the brand BrH0,8Sh TU 48-21-588-97 thickness of 1.35 - 25.0 mm, length and width of 600 - 2000, the state of soft, h / k, g / k. Mark BrH1Tsr, the norm TU 48-21-5066-82 thickness 12,0 - 20,0 mm, width 135 - 350 mm, length 2000 - 4000, the state of x / k, g / k.
Bronze perfectly amenable to soldering, suitable for use in air, chemical, water-aggressive environment, strong thanks to a special mechanical working, cold and hot rolled. bronze sheets are not only mechanical strength but also excellent moldability. It is also a very popular material in engraving works: manufacturing indexes, plates, signage, and more.

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