Strip bronze BrB2 inherent in it a unique blend of high-strength, elastic properties, electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as high resistance to fracture and corrosion resistance. Solubility Be copper decreases with decreasing temperature, leading to thermal hardening BrB2 bronze strips. Optimum properties observed in alloys containing from 2 to 2,5% Be. A further increase in the proportion Be strength has little effect, and ductility of the alloy is greatly reduced.
Cool band bronze BrB2 quenching need to very quickly (typically it is quenched in water). If cooling in the temperature range 500 ... 380 C, unsharp, it leads to the disintegration of the supersaturated solution having a partial intermittent, thereby forming plate perlite shaped structure. This pattern of decay is harmful for the following reasons:
- The alloy becomes brittle, since the collapse of intermittent localized along the grain boundaries;
- Aging the alloy formed is a continuous disintegration of the supersaturated solution during hardening Be copper, leading to a decrease in strength, the primary hardening when tempered alloy lower than its reduction from continuous decay with aging of the solution.
The resistance value of micro plastic deformation in bronze BrB2 band is very high. This value defines the limit of reversible and irreversible plastic deformation at a given value of the applied voltage and, therefore, contributes to their relaxation. All this determines the high relaxation resistance of this type of non-ferrous metal - the main characteristic that determines its elastic properties.
The band bronze BrB2 demand in the electrical industry, as well as in the manufacture of elastic elements, springs. After hardening heat treatment, it acquires a high strength and excellent springy qualities, and good resistance to creep and resistance to corrosion. It also has an excellent wear resistance, high electrical and thermal conductivity, has no tendency to brittleness and can operate at temperatures ranging from -200 C to +250 C. From the bronze band, easily amenable to mechanical working, you can get stamped parts and complex profile shapes, creating long-lasting metal (corners, holders), fasteners (washers) and details of hardware (hinges).

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