Industrial semi-finished products of bronze are widely used in various fields of modern production, as they compare favorably with products from other materials cost, physical and mechanical properties and high manufacturability. Bronze alloys are resistant to corrosion, have a high rate of mechanical wear, allowing their use in the manufacture of consumable products for friction mechanisms in mechanical engineering. The use of bronze bushings, sleeves ensures the safety and durability of the basic units of friction mechanisms.
Modern metallurgy produces a sufficiently large range of semi-finished bronze for different purposes, but the rods bronze BrOTsS 5-5-5 favorably with those of similar products of other brands and bronze forms of delivery.
The peculiarity of the chemical composition of the alloy, namely the presence of a certain amount of tin, significantly improves the sliding characteristics of the friction parts.
5-5-5 bronze rods BrOTsS easy to process, exhibit low shrinkage during molding and good antifriction and anticorrosion characteristics. These qualities provide the alloy its widespread use in many industries.
They are made of bronze rods BrOTsS 5-5-5 as the Hot-way (pressed, kata), and cold-process (drawn).
This product is in demand and is widely used in the machine-building enterprises in the automotive industry, electrical engineering and instrumentation, as well as in aviation and chemical industry.
In our range of rods with a diameter 4 - 220 mm.

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