Carbonyl nickel is produced as a fraction or as a powder. Our company supplies nickel carbonyl fully complies with all requirements. This type of product is widely used in industry and other industries.
We sell carbonyl nickel as a fraction (DNA) and marks DNK0 DNK1. They are distinguished by the percentage of nickel in the alloy. Carbonyl nickel marked DNK0 containing 99.95% nickel, and products marked DNK1 - 99.92%. The remaining weight fraction separated impurities, such as copper, magnesium, lead, tin, manganese, zinc, iron and other impurities.
Our company is engaged in the supply of metals and metal for a long time. That is why we have a highly qualified staff who carefully observe the rules of technology at all stages of delivery.
As is known, most likely used in the production of nickel alloy, stainless steels, and for manufacturing a wide range of different alloys. We understand the needs of their customers and always offer them the highest quality products at reasonable prices. Carbonyl nickel, offered by us, in no way inferior to the performance of similar products of foreign manufacturers.
If you want to buy a carbonyl nickel as a fraction, please contact our company. A skilled manager will answer all your questions and help you place your order. Buy carbonyl nickel can be in cash or bank transfer.
We supply nickel carbonyl in special drums, each weighing - two hundred and fifty kilograms. It is worth noting that this type of product from our wide range of non-flammable and non-explosive, so it is easy to transport and store. If necessary, we are ready to organize the delivery of the goods at any convenient time and place. Just inform our manager about the need to deliver the order. We value each customer and an individual approach to their needs, so ready to satisfy all your wishes regarding lot size or the characteristics of the finished product.

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