Carbonyl nickel powder is a type of our products. It is made in accordance with the requirements of GOST 9722. This semi-finished product is used in such industries as powder metallurgy, and other industries. Depending on the chemical composition of the nickel carbonyl powder are divided into four groups - Y, 0, 1, and 2. The division is also practiced according to types of bulk powder density. Marking "L" stand for easy nickel powder, the letter "T" - heavy, "K" - coarse. All these goods are further subdivided into subgroups.

We supply nickel powder in full accordance with the industry quality standards. All our products pass the necessary certification, so we guarantee our customers the highest quality at a reasonable price. In accordance with GOST, nickel powder may contain a small amount of impurities, which depend on the powder grade. The nickel content is strictly controlled by our specialists by constant sampling.

Nickel powder, depending on the grade, composed of particles of different sizes. Some brands of this size up to 20 microns, with a mass fraction of particles with a size greater than this value can range from 15 to 20 percent of the party. Coarse nickel powder consists of particles with sizes of from 70 to 100 microns. In the batch may contain up to 20 percent of other particle sizes. Standard also specifies the value of the bulk density of the powder, depending on the brand, it can range from 0.45 to 3.5 grams per cubic centimeter. Thus, for example, a carbonyl nickel powder with labeled 1L5 has a bulk density in the range of 1.01 to 1.40 grams per cubic centimeter.

We offer our clients the delivery of any kind of product in the required time and place. You simply call us, and qualified manager will answer all your questions about our products. Carbonyl nickel powder is packed in tight plastic bags and then into paper bags or in other types of containers, according to your preferences. It should be noted that this type of product is not flammable and explosion-proof, so its transportation and storage does not cause any difficulties.

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