Cast aluminum alloys, there is quite a huge amount, it is customary to label their letters AL (aluminum alloy, foundry). According to GOST casting aluminum alloys are divided into groups:
1. Alloys with high casting properties, which are doped with silicon, also called silumin. These casting of aluminum alloys are characterized by such features as a low casting temperature fluidity, low mechanical properties. Cast aluminum is used for the manufacture of complex castings, which do not take significant loads. Simple Silumin - aluminum alloy AK12 (AL2) - durable heat, resistant to corrosion, has low shrinkage, fusible, it has high fluidity at low mechanical properties. Variety AK12 alloy - aluminum AK12pch where the inverter is of high purity, demand in the engineering industry, in the food industry. Widely applicable aluminum AK7 (AL9V), which has a low density, excellent high-temperature strength, ductility.
2.Splavy aluminum-silicon-copper (AL3, AL5 et al.).
3.Splavy aluminum-copper (AL7, AL9). These alloys include copper considerably, which is why they are more expensive.
4.Splavy aluminum-magnesium (AL8, AL22). Their "horse" - low density and high mechanical properties.
5. Other casting aluminum alloys which is doped with other chemical elements. This group is quite extensive, includes AL1, AL11, AL24 and other alloys.

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