NH9,5 chromel wire (chromel grade T) is used in the production of thermocouples, and can also be used to create the electrodes. From Standard 492 it implies that NH9,5 chromel wire has the following composition: chromium (9.00 - 10.00%), manganese (0.30%), silicon (0.40%), iron (0.30%) copper (0.25%), lead (0.002%), cobalt (0.60 - 1.20%), sulfur (0.01%), carbon (0.20%), aluminum (0.15%), arsenic (0.002%), phosphorus (0.003%), antimony (0.002%), bismuth (0.002%), nickel (balance). Melting point chromel ranges 1400 - 1500 C.
According to GOST R.8.585-2001 wire Chromel NH9,5 used in thermocouples TCA, TCA THKn and pairs with other alloys. Thermocouples TCA designed to determine the temperature between -40 - 900 C paired with konstantanom -200 and - 800 C paired with Copel. Thermocouple TCA, where in addition to use chromel alumel, applied in a temperature range of -200 - 1200 C.
Chromel wire NH9,5 corresponding to GOST 1790-77, has a diameter of 0.2 - 5 mm and is divided into three classes of tolerance (two classes for high temperatures and low for one class). Also wire Chromel NH9,5 by this standard shall have a standard allowable value of the ultimate tensile strength and regulated electrical resistance of one meter for each envisaged dragged diameter.
NH9,5 chromel wire whose cross-section diameter of not more than 0.3 mm, is supplied to the coils, and the wire having a diameter of 0.5 mm, - in the form of skeins.

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