Circle aluminum - solid oblong circular cross-section profile. The circle is used forgrinding out shafts, nuts, bolts, spindles, fasteners, bushings, valve. He produced in accordance with GOST 21488-97. Made of aluminum circle corresponding to GOST 4784-97 wrought alloys. This brand of blood pressure, AMG, E, AMC, AK. For example, a circle of aluminum produced duralumin D16T composition: aluminum (base), copper (less than 5%), magnesium (less than 2%), manganese (less than 1%) impurities. "T" subscript indicates that the material was quenched and naturally aged. The product is in demand in the construction, aviation, mechanical engineering, petrochemical, instrumentation, shipbuilding, food processing industry. bars Material released durability, corrosion immunity, resistance to temperature extremes, low density. Also, aluminum is flexible, non-toxic, easy to process, electrical and heat conductor, nonmagnetic, cheap, available. The largest diameter and the maximum length of respectively 400 and 6000 mm. Aluminum round timber can be hot-pressed, old, annealed, hardened; produced with high or normal precision workmanship and durability. The microstructure of the products should be characterized by the absence of burnout, if the heat treatment has taken place. The macrostructure may contain small foreign inclusions. There may be some external defects. Available in aluminum circles batches, equipped with protection against corrosion and mechanical damages and properly labeled.

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