Copper is produced from rolled copper brands: M1 M1r, M2, M2P, M3, M3R GOST 859. Relatively cheap, and meet the requirements for most engineering problems, is a copper rolled M2 and M3. For the production of cryogenic components, cables and wires, round copper used M1. This grade copper is produced by the technology, it prevents enrichment with oxygen. What increases the value of the brand by approximately 20%.
Often, for the manufacture of products / components used round copper M1r, M2P, M3R. This category refers to the circle copper M1r. The main characteristics that distinguish the circle copper M1r are the stability of its physical properties at high temperatures, good corrosion resistance combined with high electrical conductivity and resistance to wear. In accordance with GOST 1535 copper rods are divided. According to the method of production - Hot or cold-worked. In precision manufacturing is normal, enhanced, or high production accuracy. As the material accordingly is soft, semi-solid or solid. According sectional size can be from 3 to 150 mm. In the manufacture of off-gage length is made a multiple dimensional length and coiled. By brand used copper - M1 M1r, M2, M2P, M3, M3R. In a special execution conditions are: for processing on automatic machines, having a soft, semi-solid or solid state of increased plasticity. These data indicated in its callout, for example: circle copper M1r - DKRVT 10 ND M1r. Indicates: D - cold-; KR - circular cross section; B - high accuracy; T - solid state; 10 - mm diameter .; ND - random length; M1r - grade copper. Circle copper M1r perfectly amenable to mechanical processing: punching, drilling, milling, cutting and pressing. All this makes the circle almost copper demand in many industries, such as engineering and metalworking, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, electric power, glass and porcelain, medical.

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