The circles are copper semi-finished product for the manufacture of many products: shaft, nuts, washers, valves, gears, various components and assemblies. All wheels are made of copper from copper following marks M1, M2, M3, and M1R, M2P, and correspond M3R GOST 1535, while the chemical composition of copper GOST 859. Circles MZ manufactured copper from copper mark M3 - copper is a general purpose, with oxygen content to 0.08%. Classification of copper range is depending on the parameters: - The mode of production. Followed copper can be both hot-and cold-formed, labeled D and E, respectively. - As of the material can be solid, semi-solid and soft, marked, respectively, T, P, M - length. Unmeasured, dimensional fold and in the bays. Marking - NM, KM, following copper BT. Also differ in their cross-section and can be between 3 and 200 millimeters. If necessary, under the order, we can recommend to buy copper and a larger diameter. All production of rolled copper, including copper circles, have excellent production and performance properties. Main application fields: mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, metallurgy, metalworking industry, energy (for electrical purposes are most commonly used copper circles M1E). Often, instead of a circle M3 copper grade copper rod used the M2, where the need for a more friendly material in its chemical composition, for example in Khimprom. Copper rental has excellent processing properties, which makes it quite popular already for many years: a good electrical conductivity, almost not subject to corrosion, long service life, flexibility, easy to recommend copper mechanical working.

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