One type of rolled copper, which is used in various industries - copper profile. Metal fairly easy to process, so the profile geometry can be different. This ordinary copper area, and parts of complex geometry. Profiles of different geometries differ manifold, fittings, trolley, and contact, trapezoidal. The material of which is made of copper profile - copper rod. Because she practices drawing and rolled in a rolling mill produced the desired profile cross section. Most often, in order to produce the copper area used copper grades M1, M2, M3, and M1r, M2P, and other M3R defined GOST 859. The special properties of acquiring a profile made of oxygen-free copper. It has more uniform properties across the area of the product is easier to process. Depending on customer requirements copper area it can be made normal, elevated or high accuracy. Length usually ranges from 1 to 6 meters. But we need the profile can be made of desired length. Classification of copper corner is also produced along the length of the faces. They can be equal and unequal. Finished products must not contain bubbles, sinks, dents, cracks, and other non-uniform education, reducing the quality of the product. Copper angle - profile, which is most common in electrical engineering as a structural material. In the construction of the copper profile is used for roofing as an element of decor. Also in the construction of the copper corner used to create a window and door systems.

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