What is copper circle M1f - a rod made of copper respective brands. Brass wheels are made of copper marks M1, M1E, M1r, M1f, M2, M2P, M3, M3R, and many others. In our case, we consider the range of M1f copper and numeral 1 denotes purity copper and F - the fact that it played havoc with phosphorus. Like other varieties of rods, copper round M1f should be carried out according to GOST diameters from 3 mm to 100 mm and more. The length of the bars in this case is of one to four meters in diameter from 40 to 80mm, from two to five meters in diameter up to 40mm, from one to three meters in diameter from 80 to 100mm, one-half to two meters with a diameter of 100 mm. By all parameters measured copper circles are classified according to the following scheme: section-form: KR (round); -state Material: T (solid), M (mild), II (semi) annealed; -Shipping Manufacturing: pressing or hot deformation (D), drawing or cold deformation (D); manufacturing -accuracy: N (normal), P (high), B (high). Brass wheels are widely used in the fields of industry, such as metal processing, instrumentation, machinery, metallurgy, electrical engineering, for the manufacture of structures and components of individual products. copper M1f properties (lack of oxygen and increased phosphorus content) allow to apply copper M1f circle where corrosion resistance is important, since the film forming process of the oxide (patina) therein occurs more slowly and evenly. In general, brand M1f spread is relatively small, and copper circle M1f we deliver on order.

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