Today the market offers a wide range of high-quality non-ferrous metal products. Very popular brass circles of different diameters. Make circles of copper from copper grades M1, M1r, M2, M2P, M3 and M2f. Brass M2f circles are made of phosphorus deoxidized copper, and can be obtained by cold-or hot-way. Depend on the production method of mechanical properties of copper, it may be soft or hard. Produces copper circles M2f by pressing, pulling, hot or cold forming. The marking of rolled section provides information about the chemical composition, method and precision manufacturing, sectional shape, length. Copper circles M2f have high ductility and corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity. They are easy to handle, weld. They can be used in virtually all areas of production. Circles of copper used to create HVAC equipment parts, aircraft and machinery, typographical dies, valves, electrical appliances, architectural elements and heating systems. Copper circles M2f widely used in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, construction, energy and metallurgy. They are an excellent semi-finished product for the production of nuts, washers, shafts, gears, valves, various components and assemblies. Plastic copper lends itself well to pressing, stamping, milling, drilling and cutting. Brass wheels are highly resistant to corrosion, aggressive environments and temperature extremes. Therefore, copper parts of them have a high reliability and durability. Bundling M2f copper circles with a diameter of less than 35 millimeters in bundles weighing no more than 80 kilograms. Drawn bars less than 18 millimeters are permitted to connect to the bay weight not exceeding 140 kg.

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