Copper foil is used in many industries, but more often than not it is used in instrument. This foil is used mainly for industrial purposes, in the home, for example, are used less frequently. It is used in the production of flexible copper cables and batteries; it can help shield blocks instruments to reduce electromagnetic radiation.
As for the instrumentation, copper foil - the main raw material for the production of heating films, which are used in aircraft and automobile industry. It can be found in flexible printed circuits, with the help of shielded communication and antenna cables. It is made of copper, copper foil two brands - M 1 and M 2 in accordance with GOST 5638, according to which the copper foil:
- Made of cold deformation process;
- It has a rectangular cross-sectional shape;
- There is increased accuracy;
- Available only in solid form;
- Its off-gage length.
As is known, devices have several strip layers, one conductor of which, it is used to create it copper foil. Distinguish its brands:
1) PME - electrolytic copper foil;
2) FMEO - electrolytic copper foil oxidized;
3) FMEOSH - electrolytic copper foil oxidized increased roughness.
Foil, with specially treated copper rough surface often occurs in lithium ion batteries. On such a surface subsequently applied graphite layer, which produces excellent adhesion results. Also, the foil may have a rough surface of the copper on both sides, it is used for a bunch of battery cells. Typically, the copper foil is supplied in rolls or sheets, which is very convenient for transportation.

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