Copper hexagon - solid profile hexagonal regular shape, used in the manufacture of hot and cold technology (compression) strain.
For the production of copper rods used the corresponding chemical composition set GOST 859-2001, all brands have high operational and technical characteristics, which allow the use of copper rod in a variety of industries. Copper hexagon is relatively easy to give in various ways machining. The compliance allows the use of copper brass hex for the manufacture of various products: gears, washers, valve. Articles made of copper have a high electrical conductivity of which may be manufactured various products in electrical conductive structures. Brass rods in accordance with GOST 1535-2006 have different varieties, which are displayed in their labeling: DSHGNT 10ND M1 GOST 1535-2006, gdeD - A method of manufacturing (D - and cold-G - Hot); SH - Allen key (KR - round, HF - square); H - precision manufacturing (H normal, increased P-, B-High); T - the state (M-soft, semi-solid P-T-solid); 10 - cross section in millimeters; ND - off-gage length (CD - dimensional fold); M1 - grade copper. Next may be referred to special conditions (for AB-processing machines, OK - cheroots, A - diameter tolerance deviations with symmetrical tolerances A- soft state of high plasticity, C increased accuracy in curvature, etc.

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