One kind of rolled copper products is a copper ingot. In fact, this semi-finished product, intended for further processing into a variety of industrial products. By itself, copper bullion - is intermediate between the copper ore and the final product. Copper ingot cast into the melting-rolling shop of by a gas mixer. Producing high quality refined copper ingot, as a circular cross section and flat. Ingot casting temperature is 1145 - 1185 C. For the production of ingots, in accordance with GOST 193 used copper following markings: M1 M1r, M2, M2P, M3, ICD alloy. At the same time added to the labeling of the following abbreviations: - CB - vertical continuous ebb; - SS - horizontal reflux with removal of the top surface layer; - CH - with horizontal outflow of stored surface layer. Copper Bar - a metal of high quality, featuring high corrosion, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity. Copper has established itself as a very ductile metal, it is easy to work mechanically - grinding, pressing, stretching, milling. This allows its use in various fields, such as engineering, the production of various parts. Copper is used in the manufacture of fittings, valves, profiles, fasteners, and tires. An important advantage of rolled copper is its high electrical conductivity. This quality has been used in the field of instrumentation, energy and electrical industry. Electrical conductivity of copper is higher, the smaller the various impurities. Copper Bar marks M1 is most suitable for the production of high-frequency transformers, wiring and motors. All current collecting structure of urban electric transport and rail transport are made of copper. Among the other sectors of application - medicine, jewelry industry, crafts.

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