The roof is made of copper metal is one of the most popular types of roofing. Being durable, it is up to 150 years without requiring special maintenance and repair. Gradually oxide copper metal coated with a noble patina, which is both its corrosion protection. It needs no painting, no clean-up, as its natural color, even changing over time, is quite aesthetic.
Also, copper is relatively ductile metal, which allows it to stack in rather complex configurations roof. Copper metal is not exposed to high and low temperatures - it does not melt from the heat and does not crack in the cold.
Modern production allows to produce copper metal roofing as a natural color with the "new" shine and artificially "made old" to varying degrees. Classical copper and oxidized roof initially has a reddish hue natural copper, eventually acquiring a brown matte color. Patinated copper metal turns bright green (the color of aged copper).
Copper metal has several varieties:
- Spanish dune;
- Scales;
- Volumetric scales;
- Hexagon;
- Surround the diamond.
Copper is a profiled metal sheet of copper 0.6 mm thick and 530 mm wide, along the length of the roof. Mounted on copper metal crate so that the roof surface is not perforated (of course, it is important for the integrity of the roof). Assembling the "castle", at the toe of the mounting lug with the slot creates an absolutely hermetic coating. Installed by professionals, installers copper metal roofing does not require repair for all the years of operation.
Roofing copper is a standard of quality in construction. Copper metal domestic production produced from both domestic brands M1 according to GOST 859-2001 Copper and copper imports.

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