Copper alloys nowadays are very popular and wide scope due to excellent material characteristics such as electrical and thermal conductivity, ductility, fracture toughness, wear resistance, and many others. According to current regulations, which regulate the chemical composition of copper alloys and technology of their production, this type of metal-roll and share on various brands. MK Copper represents a copper alloy, the main alloying component of which is silicon. It low alloy copper grade, which is often referred to as bronze. This relates to a copper alloy with refractory materials that are used in industry for the production of any heat-resistant parts, such as all kinds of electrodes for spot and seam welding of various light alloys and collectors motors etc. Such a material, such as copper MC due to inclusion of silicon in its structure has not only heat resistance but also high elasticity, hardness, resistance to aggressive alkaline media. The greater the percentage of copper in the alloy of the doping component, the higher its hardness. However, it is due to the large hardness copper MK has a lower heat and electrical conductivity, respectively, over a limited area of application. Our company sells copper MK of high quality at affordable rates. We have years of experience in manufacturing, and apply only to the modern equipment, allowing us to achieve the optimal balance of price and quality. The company ensures mutually beneficial financial terms of cooperation, convenient form of payment products ordered by you, prompt and timely delivery. The presented products meet all applicable standards GOST, as evidenced by the corresponding certificates of quality.

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