Copper-nickel tubes are useful in many types of marine engineering services in heating circuits, refrigeration, fuel wires liquid fuel gas supply. If necessary, a copper-nickel tubes easily and securely connect the high-temperature soldering. Produces copper-nickel tubes of high quality alloys and, despite the high cost, in high demand. The main advantages of copper-nickel tubes - durability (service life of 40-80 years); Corrosion; They refractory; withstand operating temperatures of 250 C and a pressure of 200 atmospheres; resistance to damage hydraulic and vibration; easy installation. Nominal size of the copper-nickel pipe is from 6 to 260 mm, wall thickness from 1 to 10 mm, length from 2 to 6 meters. The composition and the percentage of impurities for copper-nickel tubes defines the brand of copper-nickel alloy. They are made of copper-nickel alloy pipe often, brand MNZH5-1, corresponds to GOST 17217-79, which applies to cold-pressed and tubes that are used in the shipbuilding industry. These copper-nickel tubes have excellent mechanical properties that are not amenable to deformation in hot and cold conditions. The alloy contains MNZH5-1 supplements of iron and manganese, so it is not prone to cracking and is strong enough so you can use pipes in offshore pipelines. Quality control of the copper-nickel tubes is carried out at all stages of production, they are subject to rigorous quality control. Tubes delivered in coils of 15 m and 30 m. Coils are packed in a plastic film that allows the transport pipe without damage and deformation, while maintaining the initial operating parameters.

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