Copper phosphorous brand MF9 or, as they call it ligature, represents a copper-phosphorous alloy, which is used as a deoxidizer or modifier during cooking / welding of copper or copper alloys. In addition, this kind of non-ferrous metal is commonly used solder. The use of such additives as MF9 phosphorous copper, other alloys imparts greater hardness, elasticity. Due to its qualities of copper phosphorous has been widely used in various fields of production, pipe rolling, manufacture of electric vacuum equipment, and many other areas of modern industry. The production technology and the chemical composition of copper phosphorous MF9, as well as any other copper alloy, is strictly regulated by GOST. Phosphor manufactured copper in the form of tiles of a certain size, which are separated by 40 pinches lobes. Furthermore, to check the quality of the finished copper-phosphorous alloy into account the absence of impurities, the slag material on the surface and in section, and other factors. If there are kinks in the bays, it is permitted by the standards and does not speak of defective products. Each batch must be accompanied by the relevant documents and certificates of quality, indicating trademark, lot number, grade alloy, and other data. In addition, any party copper phosphorous verified to conform to the quality indicators, which are taken to check for at least three tiles.

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