In the subsequent heat treatment after rolling copper pipes are divided into unannealed and annealed. The mechanical treatment (rolling, forging, etc.) Copper loses ductility becomes more rigid and strong. Copper pipe is obtained whose strength is 340-450 MPa, and the elongation not more than 6% at break. To return to the original copper plasticity using a joke. The product is heated to 600-700 degrees, and then slowly cooled (tempering). This results annealed copper tube. The strength of its lower strength unannealed pipes - about 220 MPa, but before the break it can be elongated half. In the annealing process, we obtain the unique properties of the material. With sufficient wall thickness annealed copper pipe can withstand a sufficiently high pressure, extreme temperatures and corrosive environments. Such pipes are very easy rollers bend. Because of these properties tube copper pipe has been widely sold and used in the installation of air-conditioning systems, as well as for the installation of domestic water supply and heating systems. With its virtually unlimited service life annealed copper pipe is used for the manufacture of hydraulic drives in a variety of techniques, as well as for the production of highways in heat pumps, air conditioners and refrigeration systems. Domestic industry produced two kinds of annealed pipes - copper pipe in a plastic shell, most chassis tube without coating. For the proposed works with aggressive media pipe is complemented by an inner protective coating. Pipes made of copper such brands - M1r, M2P, M2, M3. Comes segments of length 25 and 50 meters, collapsed in the bay.

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