Copper has such important properties as ductility, corrosion resistance, a large operating temperature range, high thermal conductivity and conductivity, resistance to harmful substances. In the domestic market there are many brands of tubes of both domestic and foreign producers. Large assortment of pipe covers various areas of application and the absence of the aging of the material allows, is not worried about the reliability of engineering systems. Copper pipes are resistant to the radiation of the ultraviolet spectrum, and have resistance to oxygen diffusion and gas tight. Like any other metal readily fed recyclable. Copper pipes are characterized by the major three states of hardness: soft, semi-solid, solid. Also, in accordance with GOST 617, yet isolated two intermediate states: soft and hard enhanced ductility with increased hardness. Copper pipe inch, mainly used for refrigeration, air conditioning systems (as inch copper pipe), and often for liquid fuel, for example. For water supply systems because more bandwidth is used of copper pipe and copper pipe 3/8, slightly mane in the course of 5/8 copper pipe.
When the interaction of copper and chlorine, which is contained in the water, on the inner surface of the pipe creates a protective layer, because of it on the inner walls of the pipe do not occur and "grow" organic or organic deposits.
During the installation of heating systems, please note that contact with the aluminum of copper is not desirable, because between them will be interaction that can lead to failure of the element. Due to the properties of the pipe material of copper easily to different technological methods of connections, whether it's rolling, soldering, welding, cold pressing or any other method.

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