Copper pipe is a profile view of the pipe, widely used in various industries. Advantages of copper profile pipes: - long life; - Practically not exposed to corrosion, do not react; - Do not require painting. Painting of copper pipe profile is exposed only for aesthetic purposes, in general, it is resistant to external influences uncoated. Copper tube profile is used in mechanical engineering, as waveguides in specialized devices for many other purposes. Pipes are classified according to several criteria. It can be annealed and annealed. Annealed copper pipe profile is subjected to further heat treatment. After heat treatment, the copper tube changes their strength characteristics, it becomes softer.
Depending on the shape of the pipe are square, oval, flat oval, rectangular. Because of this diversity is relatively more expensive than copper pipe profile of rectangular cross section, as the process of its manufacture (shaping) the most complex.
Also, by the presence of coating pipes are uncoated and coated with plastic. The plastic helps protect against condensation, and also provides additional protection for pipe coating from damage. This copper pipe last longer.

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