Cooper rectangular tubes are manufactured in accordance with GOST 16774. The main purpose - is the production of wire windings of electrical machines for starters, with liquid cooling, as well as they used in heating systems, water pipelines, in the climatic equipment, decorative elements and structures, and so on. Made of copper pipe rectangular copper brands: M1r; M1; M0b with the chemical composition according to GOST 859. A method of manufacturing drawn (cold-). Currently rectangular copper pipe is widely used in many branches of industry, construction, housing and utilities, engineering, electric power thanks to its many advantages: - plasticity; - Resistance to corrosion; - Durability; - Good thermal and electrical conductivity; - Ease in handling; - Aesthetic appearance. Copper pipe is rectangular and has to be sealed to withstand pressure of 2.9 MPa at a wall thickness of 1 mm; 6.9 MPa for a thickness of 1.3 mm and 1.5 mm. Available in the following sizes and dimensions: length of at least 200 meters in the drum; height of 4-6 mm; 5-12,5 mm width. Labelled rectangular copper pipe letters OL, also indicate the manufacturing method, the accuracy of manufacturing H or P (normal and high), a condition of the pipe length (drum BR, MR-dimensional, not shorter than a predetermined NC). For example, the copper pipe is rectangular, brand M1R, cold-mild, the size of 5x8 mm with wall thickness of 1.5 mm on a drum - DPRHM 5,0H8,0H1,5 BR M1R GOST 16774-78.

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