Copper seamless pipes are widely used in European countries in various fields of civil engineering, ranging from water supply and heating, gas supply finishing so in France and Austria, almost 100% of gas pipes are made of copper. In the CIS countries began to use copper pipes after the collapse of the Soviet Union, mainly in heating and water supply.
The popularity of that pretty quickly gaining a copper water pipe, due to the unique properties of copper, resulting in the pipe going through on the term of operation the buildings themselves, they are practically not subject to aging and corrosion. In accordance with GOST 617, the latest version of which was approved in 2006 copper seamless pipe can have the following symbols in the labeling: A - corresponds to a method of manufacturing of cold; T - tube is made of pressing means; KR - which means a circular cross-sectional shape. In manufacturing precision of wall thickness and diameter of the pipe can be marked: N - normal; P - high on both counts; And - in the case of high accuracy in diameter; K - increased wall thickness. As the material can be labeled with the letters M, P, T, A, F, H - which means, respectively, soft, semi-hard, hard, soft increased ductility, high strength semi-solid and solid rugged. Further affixed in millimeters outer diameter, wall thickness and length, if the length LP is put off-gage designation indicates whereupon copper mark - M1, M2 or M3 specific designation itself and GOST. For example, seamless copper tube labeled Standard M2 GKRNT 6h1h1000 617 is pressed is round, with a normal accuracy in thickness and diameter, having a solid state, a copper tube of 6 mm in diameter (1/4 copper tube in inch system), with a wall thickness of 1 mm, a length of 1 m and is made of copper M2 mark in accordance with GOST 617. The copper pipe Builders often indicated diameter in inches, so copper tube 1/4 corresponds to 6 mm in the metric system, a copper tube 1/8 - 3 mm copper tube 9 8.3 mm, respectively.

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