Copper pipes and fittings have been widely popular materials for laying of communications in Europe since the mid-19th century. We have the same copper pipe and related accessories long regarded as an elite and expensive material used infrequently, as the country became favored. These materials have gained well-deserved popularity and are increasingly used in various construction sites for installation of water pipes, heating communications, the installation of HVAC equipment and many other industrial sectors.
They are made of copper tubes and fittings in different ways according to GOST R 5231 copper grades M1r M1f and chemical composition of which must comply with GOST 859. The first method is based on the drawing. The basis of this process is the deformation of the metal tube blank when pulling through the channel having the entire length of the narrowing. The second method is based on the box office. This process takes place during the passage of the metal deformation between rotating rolls. The third method is based on the compact. This process consists in extruding metal located in the vessel through the outlet.
The material can be produced in a soft, semi-solid and solid state. In soft state copper pipe manufactured with an external diameter of 6 to 22 mm, semi-solid from 6 to 54 mm, in a solid from 6 to 267 mm. In agreement with the customer, copper tubes can be supplied in coils free of winding, layering orderly winding and helical winding.
As mentioned above, copper pipes and fittings are in demand by builders. Copper in demand mainly as a copper tube for plumbing, namely a copper pipe for water supply. All this is due to the material immunity chloride compounds, in our country, which is treated water. And because copper pipes for water supply will last a long time. But this is only part of the capacity of copper in Europe, for example, natural gas pipelines communications often made of copper.
Choosing copper pipes and fittings, it should be remembered that the copper pipes for drinking water are different, for example, from the pipes, which are intended for use in heating systems. It is important. Where you can buy high-quality pipes? You can use the services of plumbing stores. They are, without a doubt, there is a copper pipe, fittings, associated materials. However, in general, the pricing policy of shops is often overstated. Therefore, it is best to copper pipes and accessories purchase in wholesale businesses that are proven. For example, we!

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