Basically, the remarkable copper pipes for heating is that when used in heating systems, you further reduce your costs for maintenance, t. To. They operate in almost require no maintenance. Worth noting pipes for heating are universal, and there is a clear gradation in the use of copper pipes, they are used in water, gas, refrigeration systems.
Copper pipes have the following advantages:
- Resistant to corrosion;
- Long-lasting;
- Strong;
- Easy to install.
Produce domestic copper pipes for heating and water according to GOST R 52318. heating pipes are made of copper often mark M1 or cleaner.
What is the optimal copper as a material?
- Copper has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than plastic.
- The high thermal conductivity of copper.
- Manufactured from her copper pipes have a bactericidal effect.
- Compared to plastic, copper ultraviolet no effect.
- Ability to use small-diameter, - high bandwidth due to the low roughness coefficient (copper tube 3/8 bandwidth corresponds inch plastic tube).
Buying copper tubes and fittings, we must not forget about the quality of the purchased components, especially with regard to the fittings, they are "working points" of the entire system.
If you have chosen as the material of copper plumbing pipes, you should consider the following points:
- Firmly fix them.
- The design must take into account that the copper pipe can be deformed - lengthened by heat, with a tolerance gap makes it.
- The quality of the installation performed by determining the life span of the whole system.
- Copper plumbing tube should be used in isolation, cold - to prevent the formation of condensate and hot - to reduce heat loss.
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