GOST 52318 applies to copper water pipe of circular cross section, which is used in systems like the hot and cold water. This pipe has features that allow you to use it in a variety of industries. Since copper, from which it is made, has a set of properties. Copper pipes are durable and highly resistant to corrosion. The advantage to the durability of copper, copper on the surface of the pipe may be covered with a dense protective film which additionally protects the pipe from corrosion and damage.
The smooth inner surface allows the use of water pipes of smaller diameters. The strength of the pipe allows the operating pressure to 100 bar, at a temperature of 250 C. Copper pipe plumbing is resistant to temperature changes, loses its plasticity and becomes brittle, even at sharp temperature drops. It is because of the plasticity of copper pipes for water use in seismic areas.
It is worth noting another advantage - Copper plumbing pipes can hold bacteria and microorganisms; they have some antibacterial properties. This makes drinking water safe, which is not true of the steel water pipe.
If we talk about the cost, the more expensive copper water pipe steel and plastic, but when you consider the durability of copper, the benefit to the person.

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